Kung Fu Martial Arts Self Defence
Berwick Rowville Murrumbeena
Therapeutic Mind-Body Exercises 

Established in Melbourne in 1971, Golden Lion Shaolin Kung Fu is a non-violent martial arts self defence programme that builds the right attitude, character and discipline in you and your child to succeed in life. 

Powered by extensive Chinese martial arts knowledge and long experience, safety and quality are assured. You’ll learn to a higher standard with the unique methods we have refined over the past 43 years. You too can benefit.

Kung Fu Martial Arts Self Defence Berwick Rowville Murrumbeena Therapeutic Mind-Body Exercises

Taught in fully equipped kung fu training centres at our Berwick, Rowville and Murrumbeena martial arts academies (Melbourne Australia), our curriculum and syllabus, designed specifically for children, teenagers and adults (male and female), allow you to graduate from beginner to advanced level in a supportive environment. You’ll train in small groups which allow a nurturing, personal approach to teaching and learning.

You’ll learn various kung fu bare hands forms, weaponry, self defence applications, self defence against weapons or knife, dim mak pressure points, Chinese lion dancing and special breathing and meditation exercises. Real life self-defence techniques are put into combat practice in a safe and respectful manner. You may even want to be trained as an instructor and become certified to teach or compete in regular kung fu tournaments which are held locally and internationally.

On the mind and emotions level, kung fu martial arts at the Golden Lion Academy will help you improve mental focus and inner strength; your memory and concentration will improve; you’ll reduce stress and anxiety and have calmness of mind. Improved confidence, discipline and courage are part of the benefits you’ll receive with our classes, which emphasize the traditional values that are important in shaping personal character.

While you gain a lean fit body, our classes will help you improve your strength, endurance, balance, coordination, reflexes, flexibility and range of motion while you learn to defend yourself. You’ll no longer be bullied.

Special kung fu breathing techniques help you to conquer anxiety, stress and fear, and improve health. Your concentration, memory and mental clarity will strengthen while your confidence, courage and self-esteem improve. 

Apart from gaining the benefits of kung fu, honesty, integrity, patience, tolerance and respect for ourselves and others are reinforced through our class structure. 

You'll learn from highly qualified Masters who have extensive experience in their field, they are assisted by specially trained instructors. Our Chinese martial arts Masters and instructors are accredited and recognised coaches of the Australian Government's National coaching accreditation scheme (NCAS), the Australian Sports Commission and have Child protection working-with-children endorsement. Our senior masters are China-endorsed teachers.

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Kung fu self defence, martial arts fitness and the building of personal character

Achieving better mind and body fitness while you learn self defence with kung fu at the Golden Lion Martial arts Academy in Berwick, Rowville or Murrumbeena (Melbourne Australia) means you or your child will develop the finer human traits that a Golden Lion Graduate believes in and practises – respect, patience, tolerance, humbleness and self-control. Our students, masters and instructors have all experienced these physical and mental benefits at the Golden Lion Academy.

With our classes, you’ll learn to focus your mind, improve your memory and concentration. Physically, your agility, co-ordination, balance and fitness will improve and you’ll have a lean, fit body. You’ll be healthy, confident and able to meet the challenges that life offers you. You’ll have the right attitude and discipline to succeed in life. These are the benefits you’ll gain when you join us at Golden Lion. You can see our adults programme or Children's programme for more details.

It is also important for you to know about the type of approach or attitude that guides our kung fu instructors when they teach you or your child; this can be found in our philosophy section.

At Golden Lion we have been teaching Chinese martial arts and self defence to Australians since 1971. All these skills can be learnt by ladies and men, from 6 year old children to 50 year old adults, to achieve your Black Belt level and beyond in our clean, hygienic and fully equipped training centres in Berwick, Rowville or Murrumbeena.

Take some time and read through the benefits of our kung fu lessons or classes.

Golden Lion has taught martial arts in Melbourne for the past 43 years -- a proven method that gets results

Here's why you should join us...

At the Golden Lion academy we’ve developed a special kung fu programme for you to ensure that safety, experience and quality are assured. We do that in a caring, friendly, positive learning environment and your progress is continually monitored to ensure you get results - FAST!

Our senior Masters are internationally accredited coaches and judges - certified in China. Our instructors are all fully trained, highly qualified and accredited by the Australian Government to teach you martial arts and self defence. They are committed to helping you improve your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

If you would like to attend regular kung fu classes, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 for class times and fees or email us through our contact-us form.

Want to be able to defend yourself, build your self esteem and confidence?

Self defence kung fu martial arts Rowville Berwick Murrumbeena Melbourne

Martial arts with the Golden Lion will strengthen your mind and body, build your confidence and self-esteem, and teach you self defence.

Defending yourself is a skill that CAN be learnt. You can learn to defend yourself against a knife, stick or an unarmed assailant. We'll teach you how to do that in our classes for adults, children and parents.

If you are physically attacked for no reason at all, you’ll use your knowledge of self defence, bare hand and leg techniques, weaponry and dim mak pressure points to defend yourself effectively. You’ll know how to keep out of danger and you’ll no longer be vulnerable to being assaulted or bullied. Let's face it, society is becoming more violent, more dangerous, each day.

You’ll have many opportunities to learn other aspects of kung fu that we teach, such as, tournament training, chi internal power development, iron palm conditioning, wu shu, and lion dancing. And you’ll be able to replicate the modern moves you see in the movies.

Unfit, overweight or uncoordinated?

While you build your self defence abilities, you'll also be giving your body a full workout. You’ll develop strength, fitness, coordination, balance, focus and control when you practice the various kung fu weaponry techniques and forms, the subtle techniques and moves that make this Chinese martial arts so effective as a means of self defence. With our Golden Lion Kung Fu Black Belt programme, we build on this --- we don’t expect you to start fit, but we will help you become fit and strong.

Worried that you won’t fit in, that you’re not the right ‘type’?

There is no ‘type’ at Golden Lion, even our kung fu instructors don’t come in ‘one size fits all.’ They are tall, short, male and female, young and old and from all walks of life.

What our teachers do have in common is that they teach and practise the philosophy of kung fu, in particular the shaolin tradition that has proven so beneficial to our students.

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Students of the Golden Lion Academy arrive from all parts of Melbourne including Berwick, Beaconsfield, Belgrave, Bentleigh, Brighton, Burwood, Carnegie, Clyde North, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Drouin, Elsternwick , Endeavour Hills, Ferntree Gully, Hallam, Harkaway, Knox, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Lysterfield, Malvern East, Murrumbeena, Narre Warren South, Narre Warren, Officer, Pakenham, Phillip Island, Rowville, Surf Beach, Trafalgar, Warragul, Wonthaggi and other areas.

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  • 29 Intrepid Street, BERWICK 3806, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • 2 Laser Drive, ROWVILLE 3178, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • 98 B Murrumbeena Road, MURRUMBEENA 3163, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Central Telephone: 9796 1066

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