Whats the Difference Between Fat and Obese?

A quick story

An aunt of mine, who is no longer with us, was very fun to be around. She was my mothers older sister, quite a few years older. My sisters and I loved it when she and my uncle would come to visit. She was short, and she had some weight on her. To me, she just looked stocky. She loved sweets, got me hooked on eclairs, and was a great cook. She made the best biscuits.

One day, she had her usual appointment with her doctor, because she had heart trouble and was getting a checkup. Her doctor casually referred to her as obese. Big mistake! My aunt snapped, I hate that word obesly (that is how she pronounced it). Just call me fat.

What BMI is obese?

What I was heavy in my late 20s, I measured my BMI, and it was 38. 38! I wanted to jump off a cliff, I was so depressed. Why was I depressed? Because 30 or higher is considered obese. 25-29.9 is considered overweight.

I just thought I was overweight.

I felt like my aunt. Just call me fat. A BMI of 24.9 or less is considered a healthy weight. Overwhelmed was what I felt for I had to work hard to chip away at a 38 BMI. By the way, some charts might be a point or so higher orlowe

What is BMI?

The body mass index (BMI)  is a number based on the weight and the height of a person. The higher the number, the more body fat a person has. The BMI was created by Belgium Statistician Adolphe Quetelet in the first half of the 19th century. This was before calculators, so the formula was made easy since it was done manually. The body mass index is a measure of body fat measured based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women.

How to go from obese (or morbidly obese) to a healthy weight

Its possible. I did it. I am from the South and was addicted to way too many carbs. Biscuits, gravy, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, spaghetti, nachos, popcorn, cookies, and the list went on. There are many resources to help. The biggest part of losing weight is the eating. Yes, exercise is good for us. It shapes our bodies. It helps with stress. We need movement.

Once we do not move, it seems we get all kinds of ailments. I have enough family members, young ones, who sleep half the day, and have physical problems. We have to take personal responsibility for our lives.

If one eats emotionally, food will never fill that hole that is inside you. I know from personal experience. One of my lovely sisters eats unconsciously. She is completely unaware of how much she shovels into her mouth. She will eat a whole pie, not at once, but over a period of time. She goes back for a piece, and another piece, and another piece, until its all gone.

Food is comforting to her when she needs another way to self-soothe herself as those of us who eat emotionally. I advice anybody who does this type of behavior to see a therapist or a nutritionist. Make sure it is someone who is compassionate, listens, and offers sound advice.

This is very important! Read this about getting a good physical first

Please get a good checkup. Make sure you get your thyroid checked, whether you are male or female. My thyroid was swollen in my throat and I had a small nodule on it. I was tired all the time. I ate more than I should, and because my metabolism was slow, I got bigger.

A lot more information listed here : http://www.myphen375.info/.
When I was put on the proper medication, I got well, meaning my thyroid shrunk and the nodule disappeared. The medication balanced my thyroid hormones and my metabolism became normal.

However, I didnt drop weight. I had to exercise regularly and most importantly, I changed my eating from overeating to following the Zone eating plan. Started it in 1996 and my weight fell off. I did not starve. Do not starve! You will only lose muscle and water. Then if you start gorging, you will get even bigger.

How to adjust your eating

If you follow a book like The Zone,  Sugar Busters, or the South Beach Diet, they are all similar. There are many other ways of eating healthy. It is about replacing so called bad carbs like breads and pastas with good carbs such as vegetables and fruits. Start by eliminating something unhealthy and replacing it with something you will eat that is healthy. You do not have to live on bean sprouts the rest of your life. I dont. I eat bread sometimes. I just make sure it is balanced out with some protein.

I absolutely believe people who need to lose weight should find a way of eating and exercise they works for them. You have to have a high intention to lose weight. If you are morbidly obese, you can still lose weight. As I have said, get some help if you eat emotionally. Body brush as you lose weight to help with sagging skin. Again, please do not starve.  I cannot emphasize this enough. There are resources out there.

Go to the library and look at books for information if you need to and it will save you money. There are chair workouts if your size makes it hard for you to stand. I have discussed them before. T-Tapp and Oxycise are two of them. With Oyxcise, you can lay on the bed and do the breathing until you lose enough weight to stand and do the breathing and positions. Do not give up on yourself. If you choose to walk. Walk down the sidewalk and back. You will have to move, because our bodies are meant to move. Your health depends on it. If one has their health, they have everything.

Oxycise has Easy Does It Levels 1-3. These are slower breathing workouts and you do not have to do the whole thing. Start low and go slow and build your strength with these wonderful workouts.

The difference between fat and obese are shown in the BMI numbers. Obese is usually quite larger with a BMI of 30 and above until you see the morbidly obese at 40 and above. Check your BMI.  Follow the formula in the picture above.

Please know you can drop weight and become healthier at any size if you just make a choice to do so. Just make sure you have no physical issues that affect your weight like a thyroid problem. There are medications that put weight on people. Steroids are only one example.

Apple or Pear

When I was obese, I was shaped like pear. My weight was mostly in my upper thighs, lower abdomen and my behind. I changed my eating without starving and exercised. I never did hardcore workouts. I walked and did Callanetics for toning. It was the watching of my carbohydrates that helped my weight fall off. I am no longer shaped like a pear.

Tips to loose weight with Phen24

Fat and over weight is now a big issue in health. Due to modern civilization and busy work schedule people forget to take diet and caution for health. All these reasons are responsible that gain fat. You can check your fat level by using BMI scale. BMI is a measurement unit that calculate bat ration according to weight and age.  You can see some natural weight loss tips here that can help.

Yoga: Yoga is a natural physical movement exercise that has several benefits like Increase flexibility, Increase muscle strength and tone, Improve respiration, energy and vitality,  maintenance of a balanced metabolism, Weight reduction, Cardio and circulatory health, Improve athletic performance, Protection from injury.

Running: This is another exercise that is able to give you fit look. It makes you muscle strong and blood regulates on right directions. It will also increase you stamina and power of leg and create muscular athlete body.

Green Tea: it is one of the best formulation of natural ingredients that is used by doctors to creates diet pills. If you take green tea, it will suppress appetite and you also feel fresh.

The above discussed tips can help you when you attempt regular. You need to spend time on it for better result. But if you need result fast then try slimming Diet pill. More details here : phen24.info. Phen24 slimming pill is naturally designed by medical expert to rid of fat problem.

Phen24 Slimming Pill

Phen24 slimming pill is used to burn fat and reduce obesity problem. It is Manufactured in a F.D.A. Registered center and clinically proved as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. Nontoxic, non-addictive pharmaceutical-grade chemical nutrients improving the metabolic and boost your body energy process. There are no reports of side effects at yet. It uses natural ingredient that ever found in nature.

These ingredients are listed below.

Calcium carbonate

Chromium picolinate

Capsicum extracts

Caffeine powder

Citrus auranatrium


As above discussed, Phen24 slimming pill is completely dedicated to loose weight and burn fat without affecting your health. You can also consult with your doctor or expert before taking these Slimming pill.

Fitness tips : Effective indeed!

You want to shed off right? Well, if you are almost determined to lose weight then you must be looking for some real cool fitness tips for safe weight loss.

In fact you can’t simply afford to exercise and keep on eating the same food before you began the fitness program. Often it happens and no matter how much you try still it becomes impossible to tame those pesky pounds. In fact this happens because either the weight loss system did not work well for you. It is possible that the diet plan which you have opted was either not good from the nutritional stand point maybe it was so misguiding that it failed to gel well with your lifestyle. In a nutshell the weight loss meal plan which you chose was either too rigid or too weird to be sustainable for long.

Another important tip is to cut down on the amount you eat. Well, you can either use smaller plates, or simply make less food . In fact it is better to eat little and often rather than have a couple of huge meals during the day.

It is important to try and get your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Kick start your day with cereal, as snacks during the day, as well as fresh vegetables with your lunch and evening meal. Well, you will soon find that it’s easy to get your 5 a day. Also try new fruit and vegetables and by this you won’t get bored of having the same ones.

Effective fitness tips suggest that swimming at a moderate pace for 30 minutes usually burns between 250 to 300 calories. It is the same as walking briskly for around 60 minutes. The best part is as you swim, you get both an upper and lower body workout. This is particularly because muscles from both the part are involved to propel you through the water. Correct! Swimming has the incredible benefit of working the cardiovascular system without the impact to the body’s joints. Another benefit of swimming other than weight loss and fitness is that swimming helps in building strength.

Brilliant Ab Workouts At Home

Are you one of those people who find it extremely difficult to get to a gym on a regular basis? Not to worry, there is no end to the kind of exercises which you can try out at home. The only relevant point here is to get some sort of guidance for the exercise regime most suitable for you. Consult a trainer for this purpose and read up all you can on home workouts. Also make sure you are in good physical shape to carry out strenuous exercises.

Fix a specific time to carry out your exercise routine and stick to it with diligence. Investing in an exercise mat is a good idea but not compulsory. If your intention is to cut the fat around your abs then concentrate on doing so for at least 3 days in a week. Most ab workouts at home can be done without any expensive equipment; at the most you might need an exercise ball or a few weights. Let us see to what extent you can achieve at home.

Why not start off with a simple by cycling routine? For this you have to lie flat on the ground and raise your knees to your chest level, raise your shoulders off the ground, not giving too much strain to your neck. In a simultaneous motion stretch your left leg out and try to touch your left elbow to you right knee, turning your upper body to your right. Do the reverse, trying to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Do this’ pedaling’ motion repeatedly gradually increasing the counts by the day.

The vertical crunch is another effective exercise capable of producing good results. Again lie down face up and raise your legs with knees crosses. Contract your ab muscles and lift your shoulders off the floor. Lower and repeat to as many counts you can comfortably do.

Another one is the low arm crunch which you can experiment with easily. Lie on a mat and extend your arms over your head and clasp your hands keeping your arms next to your ears. If it proves to be strenuous on the neck you can ease the pressure by keeping one hand under your hand and one extended upward. Repeat same posture to 15 counts at least.

As you gain more confidence in your workouts, try out something challenging called back extensions. Lie down flat with hands behind your head or cradling the head. Lift upper body a few inches off the ground and try to lift your feet off the ground too.

Condition your work out to include strengthening of all abdominal muscles. Doing a single exercise a number of times isn’t going to take you anywhere near your goal. Make sure you repeat the same exercise 12-15 counts. Go slow on the routine not rushing to gain momentum. Above all stick to a low calorie diet to cut the fat content. Increase your water intake; eat small but frequent meals through the day.

Try and enjoy your ab workouts at home instead of just doing them monotonously.

Does PhenQ Work?

The years have not been kind – increased body fat, sluggish metabolism and decreasing energy levels have left us feeling old, worn out and tired. Don’t let it get you down – you’re not the only person who awoke one morning to discover they no longer have that youthful spring in their step and a body they can enjoy showing off.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s right – there’s a perfectly safe and natural weight loss product that not only increases metabolism, it also gives you more energy and helps to get rid of the stubborn body fat that refuses to go away, no matter how hard you try.

Can a product really be that amazing, you wonder?  It can if that product is PhenQ!  What makes PhenQ so amazing is the way it helps your body increase its fat-burning ability and boost metabolism, all without harmful side effects or health risks.

You can feel good about taking PhenQ because it’s made from natural ingredients, or from substances already prescribed by doctors throughout the world for various medicinal purposes.  Other ingredients in PhenQ are ones our bodies normally produce, but which become harder to manufacture as we age.

Does PhenQ Work?

Yes!  PhenQ works!  Most individuals taking PhenQ have reported that rapid weight loss and increased energy begins just days after they’ve started taking it.  On average, most people will lose between 2 and 5 pounds each week, all without the harmful symptoms like nervousness or insomnia commonly associated with other diet products.  Many users report losing two or more dress sizes in six to eight weeks!

What are the Benefits from Taking PhenQ?

The ingredients in PhenQ will immediately boost your metabolism and energy level.  PhenQ will also increase your blood flow, which helps your body break down fatty tissue more easily.

In addition, PhenQ has been shown to decrease a person’s appetite and will help your body develop more muscle, which will in turn cause your body to burn more calories to maintain this increased muscle mass.  What all this means is a diet product that is incredibly effective at helping you lose weight rapidly and effortlessly.

How Does PhenQ Work?

You could take the ingredients in PhenQ separately (if you can find them all), but they won’t give you the same effect you’ll experience from taking them together in the special blend found in PhenQ.

Just like a finely assembled auto engine is better than the sum of its separate parts, PhenQ has been expertly blended in a special formula to decrease appetite, intensify metabolism and help your body break down fat easier.  The science behind PhenQ is its amazing ability to increase blood flow to areas of the body where blood vessels are restricted, like those found in fatty tissue.

Increasing blood flow to fatty areas increases oxygen, which in turn allows the fatty tissue to be broken down and eliminated from the body more easily.  Not only that, but PhenQ will also lead to an increase in the amount of muscle tissue, which every athlete and exerciser knows requires more calories to maintain.

With a decreased appetite, your body will burn even more fatty tissue in order to maintain this muscle.  PhenQ does all of this without leaving you feeling burned out, hungry or irritable. There are absolutely no side effects to be worried about when you buy PhenQ.

PhenQ Ingredients

The six active ingredients in PhenQ work to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, and increase the body’s ability to break down fat, all without harmful side effects and the health risks of other popular diet aids that don’t provide anywhere near the same benefits.  The reason these ingredients are considered so safe is because they can either be found in our natural environment, are substances our bodies already produce, or have been sold as over-the-counter medicines for many years.

One ingredient, dimethylpentylamine, was originally patented by Eli Lilly in 1944 as a nasal decongestant, but once its benefit as an appetite suppressant was discovered, it soon became manufactured as a diet aid.

Trimethylxanthine is a synthesized stimulant which boosts energy much like caffeine does, and is produced by the makers of PhenQ in an FDA-approved lab.

The third ingredient, Sympathomimetic Amine, has been used as a decongestant and bronchodilator for many years, and produces physiological responses similar to those when our body produces adrenaline.

The fourth ingredient, known as Capsaicin, is derived from the chili pepper, and helps to boost metabolism and increase the body’s ability to burn fat.

The final two ingredients, L-carnitine and DHEA, are substances already found in our bodies, and are used to transport fatty acids or support bone and skin health.

PhenQ Reviews

Overall, reviews for PhenQ has been overwhelming positive.  The majority of people who try PhenQ report an average weight loss of two to five pounds a week, beginning as early as the first week.  Reviews from customers on Amazon rated PhenQ an amazing five out of five stars, as did reviews from users on the Diet


Best website.  The really great news about PhenQ is that there were no reviews claiming any harmful side effects, like the nervousness, jitters or insomnia that accompany other weight loss products.

Buy PhenQ

No matter how much weight you want to lose, PhenQ is extremely affordable at less than $2.50 a day.  Think about it – for less than the price of one energy drink you get a full day’s worth of PhenQ.  And with a decreased appetite, you’ll also save money on all the junk food and snacks you eliminate from your diet.

PhenQ is available for sale online at major sites like Amazon, or anywhere weight loss products are sold.  You can search the entire Internet but you won’t find a better diet product or a better price!

Don’t give in to the ravages of age.  With PhenQ you can gain back your youthful energy and the body you had years ago.  Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have discovered the wonderful benefits from taking PhenQ.  Think of it – in just a few weeks you could be a thinner, more energetic, and happier you! It is time to buy PhenQ immediately!
Article source : http://www.sportzfuel.com/

Three Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Youve probably heard or tried lots of weight loss tips or secrets and found that none of them worked. And its true that there is a lot of bad advice floating around so you need to be careful what you choose to follow.

You may think that losing weight after pregnancy is going to take a long daily workout at the gym, possibly combined with eating nothing but celery and lettuce for a month. Thankfully, you dont have to do anything so drastic to lose that pregnancy weight. You will, however, have to be prepared to make some small changes to how, where and what you eat. You may have already made some changes to your diet throughout the pregnancy and after the birth, especially if you are breastfeeding, so implementing a few simple changes shouldnt be too difficult.

Here are three simple tips that dont require a lot of effort and are guaranteed to work if you follow them.

1. Be selective in what you eat

When you do your shopping each week, spend more time in the fresh foods section and less in the processed foods areas of the supermarket. (Oh, and dont go shopping when you ae hungry!) You dont have to eliminate processed foods entirely but it is wise to reduce the quantity of processed foods as they contain lots of sugar and salt both of which are not good if you want to lose weight (for different reasons which Ill talk about in another post).

Being selective applies not just to groecery shopping but to what you chose to eat when you are at work or out and about.  You might have heaps of salad vegetables at home but if you are eating cheeseburgers and fries for lunch, you are not going to see any weight loss!

2. Dont Eat Out

And Avoid Fast Food. When you eat out, you dont have any control over how the food is prepared and what is in it. Much commercially prepared food, particularly fast food, is higher in fats (especially the bad transfats) and sugars than what you would prepare for yourself at home. Also, when you eat out, you want to get your moneys worth so you tend to eat more than you should. Of course, Im not saying you should never eat out. But if you are in the habit of eating out 2 or 3 times a week, try not eating out at all for a month or two and see how much your weight drops.

3. Serve Yourself Smaller Portions

It is better to put less on your plate and have seconds if you really have to, than to serve up huge portions every meal and eat it all. Pay particular attention to how much you put on your plate and what it is. It can help to keep a food or calorie diary. When you put large portions on your plate you feel obliged to eat it all so that you dont waste it. Generally, you end up consuming much more than you need. Serve smaller portions on and eat slowly. Eating slowly helps with digestion and gives your body time to send the full signal so you no longer feel hungry and thus are less likely to overeat. And eating slowly allows you to enjoy your food longer.

There is nothing earth shattering or radical about any of these tips but they do work if you apply them consistently.

The amount you lose will depend on the weight you started from and the degree of change to your current diet. Keep in mind that you need to eat healthily if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. If you have any concerns about your diet you should consult a professional nutritionist or health care practioner.

How to Get Rid Of Man Boobs Quickly

Man boobs is also known as gynecomastia and is a very embarrassing situation for men who haven’t even thought of a sex change. If you are someone who has man boobs then you would know that taking off your shirt in public is the most dreaded thought to cross your mind. A young man can take care of his man boobs, since he is a lot more active than the working adult. Even if you have tried to exercise and pumped it up in the gym you could get back your man boobs in a few weeks time and the largest contributing factor is the foods that you were not meant to eat. So how do you get rid of man boobs? Men who lead sedentary lifestyles find it very difficult to loose their man boobs, although they may find refuge in pills and other methods they don’t generally find lasting results. Man boobs are also a result of low metabolism rate that is hugely responsible for fat piling up in the chest area. As you get older, your metabolism reduces which in turn could lead to man boobs.

Most doctors offer you answers on how to get rid of man boobs and even tell you that your man boobs are a result of low metabolism and fat concentration in your chest area. This is true, and over a period of time when your metabolism rate decreases you tend to put on some more fat on your chest area. If you are interested in loosing your chest fat then you can learn a lot about it over the internet. If you are interested in looking at how to loose man boobs forever then you might want to look for permanent solutions. From the several solutions that can be found the best methods to get rid of your man boobs is by regular exercise and a proper lifestyle. You can even compliment it with pills that contain natural ingredients for a faster and long lasting effect. These simple methods of exercise, healthy lifestyle and naturally made pills will ensure that the fat around your chest is lost and you regain your muscle pack chest once again. Once its results are visible it will be motivation of you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fast Weight Loss Diets

The Good And Bad On Fast Weight Loss Diets

Fast weight loss diets can have some positive effects on your lifestyle. On the other hand, there are some things about the process that some may not care for. Here is a look at some good and bad things about dropping those extra pounds, quickly.

The Good

If you can lose ten pounds in two weeks or so, this can be a large boost to your ego. For example, you may be a woman that is planning on a class reunion or special occasion. Ten pounds can make the difference between fitting into that “perfect outfit” and having to wear something else. It also makes you feel good to fit into a smaller size, and the results can be more confidence. You can have a very good time at that special occasion, as a result of losing a few pounds.

Another advantage to losing pounds quickly, is providing you with a head start on a new lifestyle. The average eating plan allows for losing one to two pounds per week. During some of those weeks, you may plateau or actually gain a pound or so. This can be very frustrating, and it helps when you can have a feeling of some kind of accomplishment, to carry you through the leaner times.

For people that only have twenty to pounds to lose, a quick ten pounds will have them half way to their goal. This makes the entire process quicker and easier. In fact, there are ways to lose the entire twenty pounds in one month.

The Bad

Many people get stuck in a “yo-yo” situation where they lose twenty or thirty pounds and then gain it back. In fact, they may often gain back more than they lose. There is another disadvantage to consider, also. If you lose extra pounds too quickly, some of it will be muscle mass. However, when you gain it back, it will be in the form of body fat. Your BMI or body mass index can gradually increase over the years, forming a “yo-yo” situation.

Some plans may not be healthy for everyone. Certain health conditions might be adversely affected by some programs. Always talk to a medical professional, if you are unsure what to do.


Fast weight loss diets can be very beneficial to some people. You may need to lose some pounds quickly to get into that special dress. A quick method for losing ten pounds can provide you with incentive to lose additional pounds. Losing ten or twenty pounds quickly can get you started in the right direction, and can provide you with that much needed feeling of accomplishing something. Yet, there is a downside to losing too quickly. You may lose muscle mass and gain it back in body fat. If you are unsure about any type of plan, consult your doctor for advice.

A Complete Guide To Anabolic Steroids

Nutritional health supplements have been used by the athletes or professional wrestlers since 1970s. The bodybuilding athletes would utilise anabolics to make themselves up gaining extreme powers rapidly. And this was the most prevalent way almost always taken by them to add up to their muscle mass and ultimately enhancing their performance to a greater extent. Even these days, the use of such health supplements is quite in fad. There is absolutely no doubt that these supplements help increase testosterone levels to gain excellent muscle mass and perfect health condition, but due to competition and hunger for money, it has led some people to abuse them as a way of availing excessive benefits over their rivals. From bodybuilding competitions, to Tour De France, cases have been noticed of the athletes allegedly involved abusing such supplements.

Anabolic Steroids (AS)

They’re synthetic derivative of testosterone. In fact, AS are of a great help to boost up testosterone levels. Since this hormone is a vital element in our body to keep up energy, sexual drive, thickening of the vocal cord, and perfect cognition, it’s hugely important to preserve it. However, due to increasing age and weak lifestyles, testosterone levels start decreasing. And once these levels start decreasing in the body, then it’ll cause lost of problems such as less sexual desire, excessive fat, depression, sleeping disorders and so on. This is the reason why maintaining your T levels is very important and anabolic steroids work as one of the ideal solutions to increase them very fast.

Can I use anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroid law in the UK allows bodybuilders to use these steroids for their personal use. However in the countries like America and Australia, it’s against the law to consume such supplements.

Some Benefits of using AS
• No prescription needed & 100 legal
• Safe to use and scientifically tested
• In crease muscle growth rapidly
• Help enhance muscles without water retention
• Target muscular strength & peak performance
• Enhances recovery duration
• Adds up to testosterone segregation
• Help maintain healthy sex drive and vitality.

What to think over before you buy AS? First and foremost, before you head to any pharmaceutical store or supermarket, ensure your objectives. So, is it that you want to gain muscle mass from workouts or taking anabolics? Why do you want to build a certain body mass? Well, these questions need to be answered. Moreover your medical practitioner or fitness expert can help you achieve these goals along with suggesting workout routines you should take up.

Where to buy AS?

There are many options available to buy these steroids such as gym, foreign country, drug dealers and internet. But make sure that the source you’re buying AS is legally permitted. Moreover also ensure that it’s reputable and only provides good quality steroids otherwise chances of side effects will take place.

Thus, it’s advisable to do good research work to find out a reputed and authorised store that provides excellent quality steroids manufactured by the finest brand. Moreover also make sure that the store where you buying offer a range of reliable and discreet services along with competitive prices.