Brilliant Ab Workouts At Home

Are you one of those people who find it extremely difficult to get to a gym on a regular basis? Not to worry, there is no end to the kind of exercises which you can try out at home. The only relevant point here is to get some sort of guidance for the exercise regime most suitable for you. Consult a trainer for this purpose and read up all you can on home workouts. Also make sure you are in good physical shape to carry out strenuous exercises.

Fix a specific time to carry out your exercise routine and stick to it with diligence. Investing in an exercise mat is a good idea but not compulsory. If your intention is to cut the fat around your abs then concentrate on doing so for at least 3 days in a week. Most ab workouts at home can be done without any expensive equipment; at the most you might need an exercise ball or a few weights. Let us see to what extent you can achieve at home.

Why not start off with a simple by cycling routine? For this you have to lie flat on the ground and raise your knees to your chest level, raise your shoulders off the ground, not giving too much strain to your neck. In a simultaneous motion stretch your left leg out and try to touch your left elbow to you right knee, turning your upper body to your right. Do the reverse, trying to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Do this’ pedaling’ motion repeatedly gradually increasing the counts by the day.

The vertical crunch is another effective exercise capable of producing good results. Again lie down face up and raise your legs with knees crosses. Contract your ab muscles and lift your shoulders off the floor. Lower and repeat to as many counts you can comfortably do.

Another one is the low arm crunch which you can experiment with easily. Lie on a mat and extend your arms over your head and clasp your hands keeping your arms next to your ears. If it proves to be strenuous on the neck you can ease the pressure by keeping one hand under your hand and one extended upward. Repeat same posture to 15 counts at least.

As you gain more confidence in your workouts, try out something challenging called back extensions. Lie down flat with hands behind your head or cradling the head. Lift upper body a few inches off the ground and try to lift your feet off the ground too.

Condition your work out to include strengthening of all abdominal muscles. Doing a single exercise a number of times isn’t going to take you anywhere near your goal. Make sure you repeat the same exercise 12-15 counts. Go slow on the routine not rushing to gain momentum. Above all stick to a low calorie diet to cut the fat content. Increase your water intake; eat small but frequent meals through the day.

Try and enjoy your ab workouts at home instead of just doing them monotonously.