Kung Fu Chi Internal Power Development in Martial Arts
A Strong Healthy body 
to Prevent Illness

The main aim of Kung Fu Chi Internal Power Development in Chinese Martial Arts is to build a strong healthy body that can prevent and fight off illness.

Learning our Chinese martial arts involve more than just the fighting or self defence aspect of the art. It includes learning the mental attitude necessary to obtain, and maintain, a healthy and happy life.

There are also living and health skills that you need to learn. Because training enhances your personal growth, your martial arts school's teaching curriculum must include these skills.

Si Jie Joey Baful in Golden Lion kung fu breathing and meditation training

“The secret to developing Chi internal power consist of special breathing techniques, mental focusing, pressure points that heal, specific ways of exercising the body, applying the principles of Tao in our daily life plus living in harmony with the philosophy of Nature” says our Dai Sifu, Golden Lion Academy Dim Mak World Grandmaster Dr Pier Tsui-Po.

When was the last time your instructor explained to you how the principles of your art is used outside training? If they did, then did you take any notice of what was taught? Whatever the case, you must seriously study the "Way" if you are to get the most out of your training.

The "Way" is a way of living, thinking and being. Ancient Taoist practitioners, who were the very early practitioners of martial arts such as kung fu, tai chi and dao yin, discovered that the wisdom of the martial art forms the basis for life, living, health, fitness and personal growth. It also includes the ability to communicate with other people. As you know, communication is not done verbally; Chi energy is also used in communication.

There has always been a link between self healing and kung fu. Apart from having developed and refined the ancient wisdoms, the mental skills, attitudes and nutrition necessary for a strong and healthy body, the martial Taoists also developed a series of internal exercises that specifically build Chi power so that you can prevent illness, build a strong mind and body, and promote balance and harmony of mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Si Hing Steve Orloff applying chi internal power in kung fu

"Steve Orloff applying chi internal power from his Kung Fu Breathing Meditation Training at Berwick Rowville Murrumbeena Centres, Melbourne Australia"

A series of Taoist mind and body exercises as well as the ancient Taoist healing exercise of Dao Yin Chi Kung have been used in both kung fu and the healing arts. These internal exercises specifically use a selection of vital pressure points on the body that are known to influence health and healing. They promote good physical, mental and emotional health.

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In the Chinese martial arts of kung fu, correct breathing and meditation is necessary to maximise your strength, endurance and speed. Click on this link Martial Arts Kung Fu Breathing and Meditation for more.

More techniques

Below are the exercises to develop Chi internal power to build a strong healthy body and to prevent illness. These will help you progress in your kung fu training. Keep in mind that certain illnesses or injuries require professional attention. A registered health professional is available at our Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic, Berwick, Australia (site opens in a new window).

Dao Yin Qi Gong Self Healing Exercises on DVD plus the book Healing Secrets of Ancient China

This first set of exercises is called “Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong or Health Protection skill”. It is a gentle series of exercises aimed at building Chi (Qi) and moving Chi; with the main purpose being the removal of obstructions in the flow of Chi and blood in the body. Obstruction of Chi and blood is the main cause of illness and pain.

Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong or Health Protection skill is based on the principles of Chinese medicine, western medicine, Chi Kung and ancient Chinese Health exercises dating from 3000 years ago.

It provides a gradual approach to improvement in fitness and health in all the systems of the body. The main emphasis is on curing illness. Students start with this "Building and Moving Qi" routine and then progress to other routines.

Book onDao Yin Qi Gong Self Healing Exercises on DVD plus the book Healing Secrets of Ancient China

Ring-bound book and DVD package features the gentle healing exercises of Dao Yin Chi Kung and shows the link between healing and the martial arts. It teaches you how to bring harmony, health and balance into your life and your environment. The vital points of the body that influence health and self healing are also taught. Read more...

How to increase your Longevity, Internal Power and Boost your Immune system

This is a practical course where you learn The Kung Fu Version of the Eight Brocades, an ancient Chi cultivation technique that help heal the body, prevent illness and boost your immune system while activating special pressure points. These exercises have been practised for over 1,000 years by Chinese martial arts practitioners.

Keep in mind that this Eight Brocade system as taught by Dr Tsui-Po is MORE THAN the basic Eight Brocades that are commonly taught. This set focuses on self healing, loosening muscles and sinews and building internal strength in order to increase your longevity, build internal power and boot your immune system.

The exercises move Chi and blood throughout the 14 main meridians so you’ll learn how to effectively move Chi through these meridians; and you'll learn the special techniques that activate these healing points. You’ll learn how these vital points work, where they are on the body and how to activate their healing potential.

Once you’ve learnt this module, you’ll confidently be able to continue practising the techniques at home, everyday if you wish. And you’ll also be able to teach it to your family and friends to help them improve their health.

Resuscitation techniques and Pressure Point Healing for martial arts injuries

In this course you’ll learn powerful healing techniques for injuries or illness occurred as a result of combat, sporting activities or during everyday living. You’ll also learn secret martial arts resuscitation techniques that you can use to help injured students or colleagues; you’ll also learn specific pressure points and techniques that heal injuries and illness.

One of the features of this topic is that Dr Tsui-Po will hand out to you personally various herbal prescriptions that you can purchase from a Chinese herbalist in your area. In the prescriptions, he will detail the herbal formulas that you’ll learn; he will teach you how to prepare the herbs; how and when to use them on yourself, your students, family and friends.

If you do not recover quickly from injuries, if you are worried about being injured on a pressure point, or if you are unsure about what to do if one of your students or friends become injured or feels unwell in class, then you should attend this course. It is ideal for instructors, senior students and beginners.

Other courses that are also offered at Golden Lion kung fu:

  • Self-healing techniques
  • A to Z healing of common illnesses
  • Key points when identifying illnesses
  • Herbal applications for dim mak and healing

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