Kung Fu Horse Stance
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In kung fu techniques, like most other martial arts styles, the horse stance is the foundation of all your movements. Therefore, the development of a good horse stance is critical in the study of the martial arts.

A good way to visualise the theory of horse stance training is to imagine the construction of a house or building. Buildings require strong foundations so that they can stand their own weight and the tension of varying force.

Another example is that of a tree.

If a tree is young and has a lot of heavy branches and leaves but only a few shallow roots, then in due course a strong wind will uproot it and send it crashing into the ground! If instead the tree has a good root structure set deeply in the ground, it is more likely to stand firm against the test of the elements and survive.

These two examples show that even if you are young and full of upper body strength, you may not have the necessary power in your legs for martial arts.

This means that you may not be able to maintain a firm horse stance in order to generate the power and stability needed during martial arts practice or during self defence.

Normally, when performing forms or patterns or katas, the centre of gravity is kept low and rooted so that you don't lose your balance but still able to execute strong defensive and offensive techniques.

Training for a strong horse stance is straightforward but very challenging. One of the traditional ways to improve your horse stance is to remain in that stance for a reasonable period of time and then gradually increase the duration until you have perfected the fundamentals of the horse stance.

For example, start with maintaining the horse stance posture for 30 seconds, then gradually increase to one minute, then to 2 minutes, to 3 minutes and so forth.

Keep these tips in mind:

- Make sure you breathe naturally
- Keep your spine straight
- Distribute your body weight evenly between both legs
- Sink deeply into the stance but do not pass the 90 degree angle.

With frequent practice, the horse stance will lower your centre of gravity and improve your lower body strength and endurance. It will add to your power.

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New Kung Fu Book: Stance Training to Boost Your martial Arts

This is a new book I have written to help you improve your stances in your training. This workbook presents seven main stances used in kung fu, all of which can be performed from beginner to advanced levels. They are: Horse Stance, Bow and Arrow Stance, Cat Stance, Crane Stance, Cross Stance, Crouching Stance and Snake Stance.

Also included in the workbook are detailed explanations of the following:

* Practical requirements of each stance
* Breathing methods in stance training
* Pace of stance training
* Stance patterns exercises
* Therapeutic effects of stance training
* Daily exercises to strengthen your stances
* Cool down and gentle stretches

The photos in each section show the correct posture and body placement for each stance. Each stance pattern exercises has been broken down into easy to follow step by step using photos of myself demonstrating just how each stance should be done correctly and safely.

You can order your copy here at our company's secured website.

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