Kung Fu Techniques
Put the Spirit in Your Fighting Moves or Self Defence 

Kung Fu (KF) Techniques and The Spirit in Your Fighting Moves. The first thing you must know is that the KF fighting spirit is vastly different in style and in presentation to other types of martial arts. For example, KF consists of six key features that is the foundation for ALL techniques and moves. So you’ll be required to apply these in your KF forms or self defence training.

The six key features are sub divided into the Three External Co-ordination and the Three Internal Co-ordination.

The Three External Co-ordination are:

- Hands and feet
- Elbows with knees
- Shoulders with hips

The Three Internal Co-ordination are

- Heart and mind
- Mind and breath
- Breath and power

As one of the strongest themes of Taoism is that of “simplicity” – you may have heard the saying “The simplest things in life are often the best” -- in Chinese martial arts this means “The simplest techniques are often the best.”

Why? Because the simplest techniques have an inherent power within them and also because we can all effectively apply them time and time again.

The aim at Golden Lion is to deliver techniques that reflect the principles of Tao.

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More tips and kung fu techniques

You’ll see below various articles that will guide you to performing various techniques within the philosophy of Taoism. Here are the links:

  1. The Ying and the Yi, the Shape and Intent in your techniques
  2. The Horse Stance: traditional training to improve your horse stance
  3. Injury prevention: what you can do to prevent injury occuring at training
  4. Front Kick: training tips for a good front kick
  5. Now once you know how to do a front kick, you need to "put the kung fu" into it; for example your front kick transforms into a

  6. Shadowless Kick which is a small and brief example of the spirit in action
  7. Tips for Bare Hand Forms
  8. Martial arts techniques and moves: The Back Fist
  9. Martial Arts of KF: The Crane Beak Technique
  10. The KF Tiger Claw, Chinese martial arts techniques and moves
  11. Strength and Power of the Leopard style (Bao Xing) in KF
  12. Power of the KF Inch Punch
  13. KF Fighter Hook Punch Chinese Martial Arts
  14. Dragon style technique

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